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Testimonials | Vision of Vets
"Being an educator in America, I feel it is my responsibility to teach my students a love for reading, writing and patriotism. I feel blessed to be a part of this journey to bring visual learning as well as a spark of patriotism to our nation’s schools. This is such an amazing tool for teaching today's youth about history. It incorprates modern technology in a fun way using it as a visual learning tool. No more boring history books. My students are so engaged. This allows them see our veteran's tell their stories of heriosm in their own words. In a generation that worships made up characters, I am so proud to see them look up to a real life superhero.
My students are always so excited to scan the newest portrait so they can watch the video come to life. This is great! This sparks a collaborative conversation with the entire class and they can't get enough of the information. I find them staying in at recess to ask more questions.

My student's love for history has awakened and I have seen their patriotism grow. My students know the significance of our veterans sacrafice and they understand that freedom did not come free it came with a price.

I would love to see this virtual learning tool teaching history and sparking patriotism in every school across America."

- Lisa Pasalich

Meet Brooklyn, the Youth Ambassador for Vision of Vets!

Brooklyn is passionate about honoring U.S. veterans and lighting the spark of patriotism.
Click here to listen to her explain why.