Vision of Vets Receives Grant from OneAZ Credit Union

Vision of Vets is thrilled to receive a grant from OneAZ Credit Union!

Left to right: Bruce Roscoe, President/Founder of Vision of Vets; Miguel Maldonado, Northern Regional President OneAZ Credit Union; Sue Tone, Executive Producer/Creative Writer, Vision of Vets.

Vision of Vets, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, applied for a grant several months ago through OneAZ Credit Union. As with several organizations, the founder and board president, Bruce Roscoe, expected only a letter thanking him for his efforts but declining to offer any funds. This time was different. Roscoe said he received a call from Miguel Maldonado, the Northern Regional president of OneAZ Credit Union, awarding Vision of Vets $3,500 for the work the organization does for veterans, their families, and students.

Since 2015, The OneAZ Community Foundation has given over $600,000 to organizations that improve local communities throughout Arizona. To learn more, visit oneazcu.com/foundation.

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